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A great website creates a long lasting business impression and a functional website reflects your brand and drives business growth.

At Digital Crux Media, we design our website with our client in mind…we give our clients the opportunity to contribute to the design process.

We offer a bespoke website design & development service that meets your needs and your business. All our websites are clean coded, responsive with easy navigation, meaning it can be accessible across a wide range of devices (desktop, tablets and mobile phone) giving your customer optimal viewing experience.

Our designers and developers are good at what they do and are experts in HTML5, Java and CSS3 couple with a good knowledge of various business sectors. Meaning they are capable of providing you with a website(s) that meets your business needs while improving your user experience.

We offer an option of choosing from a fully bespoke web design service or using one our professional content management system templates. Using our professional templates after set-up allows you to manage your content(s) yourself.

Whether you’re a charity or a startup, individual SME businesses or a well-established brand we are keen to hear from you.

Our Approach

It is important that we understand your needs and business requirements before we commence designing your website. As part of our process, we will schedule a meeting with you and any other relevant people associated with the project. The aim is to help us understand your needs and business requirement in order to deliver a website that is fit for purpose.

Here with translate your business need(s) into the design process, where we research and evaluate what your competitors are doing right, the trend in the business environment, the technology required and your user experience. We also look into your website architecture and images that will meet your business needs. Once we’ve completed the basics, we’ll present you with a preliminary design we’ve created. We will then liaise with you to discuss about the design, make relevant changes, and then sign off the design.

Once we’ve finalised the design, then we start setting up and developing your website. We will request content from you to understand what information you would require and relevant pages. Our in-house content marketing team can help you create website content for a fee or should you required support, they can also provide you with guidance on how to create contents. Once we receive all the contents, we will start building your website, follow by testing across various browser and devices.

We will handover well design and functional websites. Then sign off.   We manage your website(s) and provide additional services such as SEO, social media marketing etc after sign off.

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