Social Media platform has evolved over time into a great marketplace, with over two billion users using Facebook alone. Social media hold a mass of demographic, interest and data about their users and have proven to be a great targeting tool for marketing.

Opening a business page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or opening a Twitter account or YouTube channel is just a click of Mouse. However, managing all social media pages and converting your followers and ‘likes’ on social media platform to potential customers requires specialist skills and experience. While social media can be used as an effective marketing tool in promoting brands, it can also ruin your brand’s reputation if not managed properly.

At Digital Crux Media, we provide first class social media marketing service, helping our clients reach a wider audience.

We create:

  •  Social media campaign for your business
  • Engage your followers
  • Gather and provide insights
  • Analyse social media data for the benefit of your business
  • Irresistible social contents (post, tweets, picture, video etc) that will attract potential customers to your business.
  • Manage your Social Media platform- LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc

We advise and help our clients make an informed decision on the appropriate social media platform that will deliver results for their campaigns; drive traffic and increase the number of website page visitors; manage and respond swiftly to customer feedback, create social media strategies, drive paid advertisement.

To monitor your business performance on social media platform, we provide our client with a regular social media insights and engagement reports.

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